Arthur Giacalone, Ph.D., provides consultation and training in mindfulness based, solution-focused executive coaching, leadership and organization development. The focus of Dr. Giacalone’s expertise has been on cultivating excellence in executive leadership through the application of principles of emotional intelligence in a number of areas of executive talent management such as: selection, executive assessment, development/coaching, mentoring and succession planning. He is also interested in corporate narratives and the unique outcomes of emotionally intelligent teams and organizations with functional and successful internal work cultures and norms. Dr. Giacalone has worked with a diverse clientele, including corporate chief executive officers, directors of human resources, attorneys, engineers, physicians, nursing and medical administrators, computer scientists, psychologists, civic program developers, financial analysts and advisors, senior marketing and media specialists, educators, and clergy. Dr. Giacalone has held numerous public and non-profit training and administrative positions, and has taught widely throughout the Northern California Bay area, New York, Europe, Cyprus and China.