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Competency Based Behavioral Interviewing (CBBI)

A Best Practice

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Recruitment and Selection of Top Performers

The recruitment and retention of top performers are two of the most critical human resource issues facing organizations today. The search for talent has become a global phenomenon, with organizations throughout the world competing to attract the best and the brightest from a diminishing population of qualified job candidates.
The direct costs associated with wrong or poor hires have served as an incentive for organizations to become proactive in the implementation of best practices in recruitment and retention.

It is estimated that the direct costs associated with a wrong hire can be:

  • 10 x Senior Executive salary
  • 1 to 1.5 x Employee’ s salary
  • Agencies: Search & Interview Process
  • Benefits
  • Training

The indirect costs measured in terms of human capital are equally compelling:

Observable losses in:
  • Production
  • Morale
  • Opportunity
  • Quality
  • Customer Service

    Traditional Hiring Practices

    There is considerable evidence now to suggest that traditional hiring practices are often dysfunctional—the emphasis being on three primary variables: the job candidate’s IQ, education and resume. Taken alone, these factors cannot significantly account for all of the variability in work performance. A person’s skill set and experiences, as they appear on their resume, while all contributing to a clearer picture of the candidate’s potential competence, will not effectively increase reliability in the hiring process.

    What’s Next?

    When evidence based behavior—in the form of critical competencies—becomes the principal variable sought after in job profiling and the interview process, successful hires are increased by an estimated seven times.

    Who Can Profit From the Training?

    • Human Resources Personnel
    • Managers in key positions of hiring
    • Executive leaders seeking to clarify and augment their existing skill set in selecting important executive hires